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About Sandor Gyorfi

Sandor was born in Debrecen, Hungary, in 1985. 

He comes from a highly musical family. His father was a professional drummer and his mother a violinist. His sisters play both the flute and the clarinet. As a child, Sandor was more interested in playing drums and piano in the attic of the family home than playing with other children outside.

He began his music career in a rock band at the age of 13 and after 3 years he started composing music and working as a sound designer. During that time, he also learned how to play on modular synthesizers. 

He says ‘composing music is not just a job; it’s an activity that’s good for the soul. I cannot imagine life without music. For me, music is both a passion and a challenge… to have created something of beauty or power out of nothing but my belief in the need for music is my life’s work. I’m grateful that I have been able to work and study over the years with some very talented people in the music business.

I now run SG Music Solutions in Bristol UK, and aim to work with you to provide excellent commercial soundtracks in any style for movies, videos, games, advertisements and similar.

Positive words from film directors and producers

Peter Noel

Sandor is a really inspirational composer, I only had to say a couple of words, and he already knew what I wanted; what I would like to hear different, or what makes me feel content.He knows and feels what makes a good scene, what is that reinforces a movie. I belive he is blessed by some exceptional intuition. What was really soothing for me as a director that he managed to elevate to our film to a higher level. I think this is the true purpose of a composer, because a movie only really comes to life with music. Sandor can deliver this extra which makes a film unique and special, and whit what the story can touch broader audiances regardless of gender and generation. This is the dream of every director... that with the music their movie becomes stronger, accepted and acknowledged by greater audiances. Because the films are for the many, not meant to be kept in the drawers. Sándor is an exceptionally talented artist, whose creativity and resilience is a guarantee that your film will get a world class music score.

Peter Noel writer, director, executive producer of 129 sci-fi film

Jerry G. Angelo

''Sandor has special quality to building his music to each scene, stands out with connecting his scoring to all genres.

I'm excited to be working with Sandor. Can't wait until Hollywood hears his work!''

Jerry G. Angelo film director

Stefano Pucciano

''The Devils Hand was a project full of passion, devotion and determination to the get the most and best out of all that were involved. With all the pieces in order, the last and most crucial was the score. Sandor from day one took the project ad created nothing short of a transformation. The Devils Hand "woke up" and become what is it today. The shifts in scenes through emotion and anticipation created a true to life feel in the cinema. Sandor Gyorfi was and is a pivotal role within this film and future films to come.

Thank you for your genius work!''

Stefano Pucciano film director

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Demo Reel

Film scenes from The Devils Hand 2017 (TTL Films)

Demos and previous works




This is a demo ''fantasy'' composed by Sandor Gyorfi




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